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Purposes Of The Digital Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy has enabled so many businesses to achieve profitably. It is the obligation of any business person to do a feasibility study before coming up with the marketing strategy. Any business has to operate in a market where competition is at heart. Competition allows the right business people to run the corporate world. Marketing strategy should therefore be established to enable the success of businesses. Business opportunities can be available but if a trader or investor does not make a wise decision they can terribly lose. This strategy therefore enables one to carry out their activities cautiously so that they can stand out in the market. In addition, it is the desire of any investor to succeed in business and this depends on how they market themselves profitably. The traders should therefore make sure there marketing strategy is well calculated objectively to drum up a high customer base. 

The purposes of digital marketing strategy are numerous and healthy to any strategic marketer. Digital marketing plan is one of the purposes that shall see marketers establishing strategies that shall enable them achieve their goals and objectives. One should plan well by ensuring that all resources are allocated to the right areas. Marketing digitally can enhance the establishment of digital menu boards on websites of businesses like hotels. Planning is therefore the only tool that can help any marketer to ensure that they do their work correctly with the right resources.

The marketing strategy is done to help in a further research. Research has enabled most businesses to understand their strengths and weaknesses. The marketing strategy is as a result of research. Research is done online by those individuals who are techno-savvy. However, research cannot be done once. Marketers have to continuously do research to attain sustainability and overcome all challenges available on online marketing. Marketing strategy is therefore done to open up more opportunities for research.
To know the online customers well is the requirement that can determine whether the business can succeed or fail. Any marketer has to ensure that they get to know if the customers for their products or services are available. The way finding signage has enabled business people to establish the location of their prospective customers. Way finding in this digital age is done digitally.One needs to have a strong broadband that can enable them access internet easily. Digital way finding enhances quick delivery of goods to customers. In essence, it is of great benefit to any market to establish the number of customers that are in high demand of their goods and services. In the same breath, it is fundamental to know the geographical location of customers for easy accessibility.

Profit maximization is a good reason behind any marketing strategy. People are doing about business activities purposefully to earn a living. In the same vein, a strategic marketer does marketing to earn profits. The digital signage in Sydney has enabled markets to access the areas that they can focus on to achieve profit maximization.
To conclude, a marketing strategy is a must requirement for marketers.

Can Videos Boost Conversions?

The jury is split when it comes to using videos on a website. Some say people don’t watch them; it’s quicker to just scan through text or check out a couple of images. Others say that videos provide information that cannot be conveyed any other way – and therefore they are essential in some cases. The question is, can videos actually work to boost a website’s conversion rate – or are they just another feature that only serves to complicate a site?


There are some ‘experts’ out there who are ‘anti-video’. That is, they believe that websites are generally better off without them – and they do nothing to boost a site’s conversion rate. Basically, some people have found that site visitors simply don’t watch videos. Clips take too long to load and too long to watch – it’s quicker for them to just scan text and absorb information that way. Additionally, some experts feel that videos only serve to complicate page layout; it’s just more clutter that gets in the way.


On the flip side, many conversion rate experts are now warming to the idea of videos. These days, an increasing number of people have a reliable internet connection – gone are the days of dial-up! This means that there’s less frustration surrounding videos. It’s less likely that a site visitor will be conscious of their data usage, or having to wait for the video to ‘buffer’ thanks to a slow connection. In this day and age, watching videos online is just more common – and therefore site visitors are more receptive to it. It’s a well-known fact that great images boost your conversion rate – most people no longer need a conversion split test to confirm this. Well, a video is essentially a ‘more informative’ image; rather than just showing a product, you can demonstrate what it does. In short, videos have the ability to convey more information. An increasing number of online marketing agencies are starting to offer landing page optimization. On-trend agencies are already reaping the benefits of using videos to boost conversions – and so are their clients!

Different types of videos

Videos can be used for different purposes on a website, such as:

•    Educational purposes – to show how something works, or to explain a particular concept.
•    Show off a product – to show a product in greater detail.
•    Business overview – to provide site visitors with a brief overview of a company; this helps to show character and instil trust.
•    Testimonials – These days, anyone can write a testimonial, and site visitors don’t know what to believe. A testimonial in the form of a video is far more trustworthy.


It seems as though 2015 is fast becoming the year of the video – it certainly is one of the hot trends this year! Of course, there’s no point posting a video for the sake of it; they don’t suit all businesses. If you are planning to use a video on your site, make sure that it serves a purpose and suits the message you are trying to convey. It’s also a good idea to consult an expert for conversion in Sydney  – there’s nothing worse than an amateur clip! If your website is suited to having a video – and it’s done well – there are exciting times ahead. Bring on the conversions!